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Forced to run. Hunted like animals. By humans, the unrelenting enemy of vampires.
17 year old Alesco has known nothing else. Hiding, always moving from place to place, never safe. It wasn’t always so. Vampires and humans lived in harmony. Until The Hunt.
Now, 100 years later, things are starting to change.

Can Alesco and her family avoid capture? Who is the Master, Father of the vampires? And how does a simple action by one human hunter set the course for change?
“A riveting read, turning the vampire myth upside down. It raised questions and analogies in my mind, but the excitement of the story overtook them, keeping me hooked throughout.” Elizabeth Bailey, author of the Lady Fan Mystery series

“A thrilling read. This story keeps you on the edge, getting better with each page. A dark story, set in a universe of supernatural creatures, which simultaneously makes you question your own life decisions.”

“A gripping tale that will make you want to keep turning the pages. A pleasurable and satisfying read.”


Here I am – with a little about myself.

M. J. Fraser – born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland as Malcolm Fraser. An avid reader, always soaking up stories.  I would have to say that without books, life simply isn’t.

Having read so much, from a young age, I find that my mind wanders to all types of interesting and creative places. My imagination is constantly creating new tales and new realities.

I have passion for telling stories. And so I write.

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Would you like to receive the M. J.Fraser Newsletter?

"Stories are universes of their own. An escape, a time machine or a holiday for the soul.
"They are places to get lost in, where imagination takes control and reality becomes new."