Book of Dust Part 2 – The Secret Commonwealth.

If you’ve read His Dark Material trilogy (which will be the subject of a separate post and review) then this is a must read! Of course, you should start with the Book of Dust Volume One if you haven’t already.

The Book of Dust Volume One tells us the story of Lyra as a baby. It tells the story of how she arrived at Jordan College into the care of the old scholars. That is a great story, but not the one I am writing about here. (Check it on amazon: Book Of Dust Volume 1.)

The Book of Dust Volume Two takes us into the life of a now twenty year old Lyra and the adventures she must now embark upon with her daemon, Pantalaimon. After the events of the original trilogy they have obstacles to overcome and they are working hard to try and navigate their new relationship. (I’m trying hard not to give any story away.) What I will say is that they discover much that they didn’t know and people they thought could not exist.

The story telling is masterful. There is something particular about the way that Pullman narrates a story – I find myself immersed in the world that is being written, pulled along as though a silent observer in the world he has created.

This book tackles a lot. Pullan has intricately carved webs of story-telling, layers and twists. In many ways it’s heartbreaking, yet thought-provoking. There’s a magic to it that I find magnetic.

If you’ve read the original trilogy (Northern Lights, Subtle Knife and Amber Spyglass) then you’ll get an idea of what Lyra, as the main protagonist, could be going through ten years later. Now an adult, she is thrust into more dangerous adventures, while simultaneously haunted by a past that lingers.

The story brings real-life issues to light and tackles them head on, issues such as refugees and the immense potential for human greed and cruelty. And yet it casts a light on the nature of the individuals and good they can bring. It is a story that has great relevance to the world we live in now.

A superb read, well crafted and magical in its own right, story telling at its best. Highly recommended. Five Stars.

Check it out on amazon here: Book of Dust Volume Two.


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Forced to run. Hunted like animals. By humans, the unrelenting enemy of vampires.
17 year old Alesco has known nothing else. Hiding, always moving from place to place, never safe. It wasn’t always so. Vampires and humans lived in harmony. Until The Hunt.
Now, 100 years later, things are starting to change.

Can Alesco and her family avoid capture? Who is the Master, Father of the vampires? And how does a simple action by one human hunter set the course for change?
“A riveting read, turning the vampire myth upside down. It raised questions and analogies in my mind, but the excitement of the story overtook them, keeping me hooked throughout.” Elizabeth Bailey, author of the Lady Fan Mystery series

“A thrilling read. This story keeps you on the edge, getting better with each page. A dark story, set in a universe of supernatural creatures, which simultaneously makes you question your own life decisions.”

“A gripping tale that will make you want to keep turning the pages. A pleasurable and satisfying read.”

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